Rhett Neumayer
Senior Instructor/Owner Demonstrated Concepts LLC

In 2012, Rhett Neumayer launched Demonstrated Concepts LLC to give you personalized armed defense training. As an International Defensive Pistol Association Expert and A class IPSC shooter, Rhett teaches current best practice within the firearm training industry. He is an SSV Group alumni as an Applied Close Quarters Battle Concepts Graduate. Rhett has current and extensive education on extreme close quarters fighting through his graduation from programs such as Shivworks Extreme Close Quarters Concepts and Edged Weapons Concepts. He has real world application with his work as a bouncer, work in armed protective services, and over a decade of combat tested martial arts.

Rhett has honed his skills at peak performance levels by regularly participating in tactical shooting competitions like IDPA, IPSC, and Competition Dynamic’s 40 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge.