Defense Draw Stroke

Defense Draw Stroke (DDS) focuses exclusively on the most fundamentally important manipulation of a defensive pistol, the draw. This lab goes in depth on refining the gross motor functions of the defensive draw into a repeatable and efficient action.


You will learn a functional draw from appendix and strong side carry while learning about cross draw  and pocket carry techniques and the complications they introduce. You will refine and customize a draw to your daily wear and circumstances.


Personal Baseline

  • Learn your failure point and push beyond it
  • Know and improve upon the time it takes to draw your pistol


  • Learn to draw a pistol from a variety of firing positions
    • Standing
    • Seated
    • Prone
    • Supine
    • Clinch
  • Analyze shot angle and environmental constraints of various firing positions

1/2 day Lab

Required Equipment

  • Pistol of choice
  • 200 rnds
  • Holster: shoulder/cross draw rigs and soft body/nylon holsters are NOT acceptable
  • Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing
  • Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch)


  • Understanding of firearms safety


  • 300 private lab
  • +$100/each additional participant
  • maximum of 8 participants/lab

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