Defense Pistol Standards

In this 8 hour lab designed to follow Defensive Pistol Tactics, you are provided open movement scenarios to investigate your own abilities in a simulated conflict.

You are provided with instructor critique and advised technique in an open dialogue forum.

Lab consists of reality based exercises designed to test and improve defensive pistol practices.

You will learn realistic expectations of defender and aggressor performance from measurement of your skills against other participants in lab exercises.


Range and Classwork:

  • In-fight Baseline Development

    • You will learn your fight baseline from exercises designed to create physical and cognitive stresses. Group performance is monitored and analyzed against real world events
    • Dialogue over situational focal points and reducing complexity of shooting process
  • Positional Shooting Analyzed

    • Isosceles, weaver, offhand, compressed
    • Crouching, sitting, prone, fetal, supine
  • Testing Theory

    • A mix of role-play scenarios and live fire tests of participant identified theories provides you a chance to test what you have been thinking and hearing from others


1 Day Lab

Required Equipment

  • Pistol of choice
  • 3 magazines (minimum)
  • 300 mds
  • Magazine carrier
  • Cleaning kit
  • Holster: shoulder/cross draw rigs and soft body/nylon holsters are NOT acceptable
  • Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing
  • Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch


  • Defensive Pistol Tactics or other tactical pistol class


  • $400 private lab
  • +$100/each additional participant
  • maximum of 8 participants/lab

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