Defense Pistol Tactics

Defense Pistol Tactics (DPT) is a transitional lab designed for shooters with live fire experience. The content is designed to provide you with a functional set of skills to apply to armed defense.

You’ll learn intermediate gun handling skills. You will learn in-fight task management. You will learn and experience what works, and what does not. Through stress inoculation drills, you’ll ingrain memory techniques to reduce your mental strain under duress.

If placed in a violent situation, post training, you’ll have the training foundation to react with certainty. Skills you will learn will teach you to evaluate and minimize risk to yourself while effectively engaging threats encountered with a fighting pistol. You’ll learn protocols that streamline stressed decision-making, so you’ll be more task oriented with known defensive goals and a plan for achieving them.

Range and classwork

  • Defensive Foundation

    • Human biomechanics of weapons manipulation
    • Malfunction clearing
    • Contact distance draw
    • Retention firing technique for hand to hand fighting distance
    • Stress inoculation drills structured to increase cognitive processing and response times
    • Complex environment drills to enhance mental awareness and threat identification
    • Clearing practices for the home
    • Discussion: Implications of Defensive Training
  • Live Fire ‘Tueller Scenarios’

    • The ’21 foot rule’ explained and participant tested in multiple variations.
    • Participants go from knowing the concept, to remembering it as a first hand experience from all angles of the fight.

1 Day Lab

Required Equipment

  • Pistol of choice
  • 3 magazines (minimum)
  • 300 mds
  • Magazine carrier
  • Cleaning kit
  • Holster: shoulder/cross draw rigs and soft body/nylon holsters are NOT acceptable
  • Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing
  • Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch


  • Proof of previously attended pistol class or previous participation in IDPA/USPSA competition


  • $400 private lab
    • +$100/each additional participant
  • $175/each for open labs (minimum 4 shooters)
  • $20/each range fee
  • 8 shooters/lab max

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