I took a class with Demonstrated Concepts this past weekend for defensive handgun draw and use and what can I say…
This was probably the best class I have ever had in handgun use! Rhett Neumayer was a great instructor who was not only very knowledgeable but was able to teach in a way that was easy to understand and very practical. Anyone who carries a CCW needs to take this class!”
-Jon Grimes, Firefighter
“I learned more in one day from studying with Rhett than I have in 5 years of tactical training on my own. If you’re looking for a way to quickly ramp up your self defense skills in real-world situations, then Rhett is your guy. Highly recommended.”
-Mark Sandoval, Entrepreneur and gun enthusiast
“I’ve had the opportunity to take several classes from Rhett. In all areas, Rhett has demonstrated extreme proficiency and attention to detail. He is a gifted instructor, able to break down detailed concepts and teach them to students in a logical, straightforward fashion. I’m a defensive pistol instructor and have taken numerous pistol, active shooter and self-defense training classes from truly exceptional instructors. Rhett remains my go-to instructor because of his passion for his craft and ability to teach that passion to all levels of students.”
-Cindy Stoudt, Firearms Instructor
“I was thoroughly impressed by Rhett’s martial skill, gun handling, and attitude. Rhett’s humility and candor is at a level only obtained by the constant testing and honing of skill and knowledge. Anyone who works with Rhett can expect him to put 100% into the mission and team. He’s is a pleasure to be around and offers humor and insight – even during stressful situations.”
– Jordan Nighbert, Firearms Instructor