Armed Defense Training

Train with Demonstrated Concepts

FREE Basic Carry Pistol Class for CO CHP application

Yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Yes, if you attend you will leave with a certificate of training valid for CO Concealed Handgun Permit application.

You will learn:

-Safe Gun Handling

-Defensive Draw

-Criminal Assault Patterns

-Legal issues of Concealed Carry

-Aftermath of a self defense shooting

-How to build a defensive pistol skillset

(Here’s a shooting demo of that skillset)

The classroom is located on the second floor, opposite end of the hall from the elevator (by South stairs). The doors will open 15min before class. Please watch the content HERE before class.

Armed Defense Concepts

Develop an understanding of Criminal Assault Tactics and use of common defense tools (Stun Gun/Taser, Pepper Spray, Knife, Pistol)

*This is not a martial arts class*

Through guided discussion and light partner exercise you will learn common behavior and tactics of violent criminals and how to best defeat them.

In discussion and exercise, we will explore common criminal assault structures. We will discuss behaviors and motivation of Violent Criminal Actors and how best to deal with them.

We will discuss the merits of common defense tools including stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, knives, and handguns. We will discuss the best methods and practices in defensive use of these tools to include:

-introduction to in-fight-weapons access

-introduction to timing

-physical and psychological incapacitation concepts

Defense: Pepper Spray

Learn how to defeat criminal assault tactics and how to properly use pepper spray. All students receive a free POM pepper spray unit!

Learn to manage unknown persons with verbal skills, recognition/awareness training, and spatial management.

Learn how pepper spray works, what units are best, and what to avoid.

Learn how to best carry, and deploy a POM pepper spray unit with inert (water only) dummy units.

Practice your skills on a static target and test your skills against a partner in a safe training environment.

All students will receive a POM pepper spray unit identical to the training units provided in class.

Advanced Training

Pistol: DDS (Defense Draw Stroke)
  • Concealed handgun training establishing and refining the draw. Level 1
  • Fighting to the gun. Fighting with the gun. Level 2
Carbine 0-300
  • 0-300yd skills for defensive rifle use. Learn to run it with precision and speed.
  • Defensive shotgun use. Learn how to manage the recoil and run the gun.