Armed Defense Training

Train with Demonstrated Concepts

2 day class in TEXAS- RANGE 35, 11641 Interstate 35W Frontage Road Grandview, TX 76050

Learn safe, reliable, rapid draw and use of an appendix/deep carried handgun. Learn handgun concealment and access principles.

* Deep dive into handgun concealment

* Learn to access and fire a handgun under stress at contact distance.

* Learn fundamentals of speed and precision applied to human anatomy.

* Incapacitation and anatomy discussion

* Target tracking/target focus drills

* Quantify and improve upon the time it takes to draw and fire your pistol in common defensive scenarios.

* Extensive work on a shot timer

* Draw and fire on the move

* Learn to draw a pistol to a variety of firing positions

Content and drills are geared specifically to allow use of snub nose revolvers and micro pistols with approved holsters.

Pocket carry will be discussed and students with double action handguns will be allowed to run some drills from the pocket

Required Equipment

* 500rnd

* Reliable handgun

* 30 rounds on body (2x 15rnd magazines, 5x 6rnd speed loaders)

* AIWB Holster (Phlster Enigma express is strongly recommended)

* Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing

* Food + Water

Students should be able to manage administrative manipulations and malfunctions in their gun.

This is a defensive handgun class focused on concealed carry.

Participant gear and clothing choices should reflect that.

FREE Basic Carry Pistol Class for CO CHP application

Yes, it’s 100% FREE.

Yes, if you attend you will leave with a certificate of training valid for CO Concealed Handgun Permit application.

You will learn:

-Safe Gun Handling

-Defensive Draw

-Criminal Assault Patterns

-Legal issues of Concealed Carry

-Aftermath of a self defense shooting

-How to build a defensive pistol skillset

(Here’s a shooting demo of that skillset)

The classroom is located on the second floor, opposite end of the hall from the elevator (by South stairs). The doors will open 15min before class. Please watch the content HERE before class.


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