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Demonstrated Concepts LLC trains to a Modern Defense Paradigm.

This paradigm is built on a foundation of structured mental processes tied to defensive practices. Developing conditioned defensive responses frees the mind to apply tactics and adapt strategy. Tested and ingrained goal hierarchies drive appropriate decisions in stressed encounters. Our training is rooted in this ideology.

We are your source for tactical training and armed self defense in the Denver area.

You know gun safety. Learn gun fighting.

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Defense Labs:

Defense Draw Stroke
  • A CCW class teaching advanced defensive concepts
  • A Gunfighters Draw: get to a gun in realistic assault conditions
  • Situational Draw Work: Learn to adjust your draw to the situation
    • Clinched, when an attacker has hands on you
    • Seated, driving
    • Grounded, after a fall
Gun Groundwork
  • Spacial Tactics: Learn what distance and positioning works and where/how to fight
  • Threat Detection: Spot the bad guy before he attacks
  • Escalating force: When is it time to draw? What tools should you use at what time?
  • Weapon Retention: Keep your tools from being used against you
  • Aftermath: What you should do following a violent event
Defense Pistol Tactics
  • Pistol training above common¬†law enforcement training standards
  • Evidence/reality based tactics for armed citizens
  • What the ’21 foot rule’ means for you
  • Threat evaluation/detection: Learn to determine a strangers intentions
Defense Pistol Standards
  • Already a competent gunfighter?
  • A full day of advanced force on force scenario work
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