Recommended Gear

Carry gear CAN help a defender if the gear is solid, convenient, and accessible. I practice a layered minimalist approach to concealed carry and defensive tool use. This isn’t ‘the’ stuff to carry, but it is what has evolved out of all of my testing and gear failures over the last decade. If you like what you see, click the image and the links provided will send some cash to Demonstrated Concepts LLC when you purchase- no extra charge to you.

Layer 1- non-permissive environment

Pocket Tool

The Knipex Cobra is the most frequently used tool I own. I feel naked without it. This little guy has FAR more utility than the fanciest multi-tool out there. The grip on this thing will make you think it was forged in the fires of Mount Doom and it’s sturdiness makes me think it’s constructed of Vibranium. I haven’t used another plier or channel lock since I got this. Add your most frequently used bits and this thing can tackle most household projects without a trip to the toolbox. 


It’s also a decent striking aid.

Pepper Spray

POM is king. Get the one with the pocket clip. I believe white to be the least likely to draw the eye.


It gets into every place I have ever been without a second glance.

These aren’t going to replace a pistol or knife, but they are allowed in almost all high security areas. A pen and pad are useful everyday items. Stop forgetting and jot it down. Making that ‘honeydo’ list just went tacticool…
Get the paper to accompany it. Here is EXACTLY what I use:


I recommend a middle of the road option here. Instant access to 2k lumen with excellent flood, and instant access to 2k lumen defensive strobe.

Utility Blades

I‘ve gone through a lot of knives. Here are the 3 that are in my pocket most often:

Nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of a small, disposable utility blade.



Defensive Blade

My current Favorite is a custom job. you can contract yours here:

ZuluBravo Kydex

The Classics:

Small, belt mounted, fixed blade designed by guys who have been there and know:

The Clinch Pick



Layer 2- “EDC” gear, as we typically think of it


I’ve gone through a few changes in attitude here. I carried a Glock 19 for years. It was a great gun. It still is. It was also too big for my comfort and mobility, which I’ve come to value greatly. Discomfort causes all kinds of unnatural movement that is a sure tell for the experienced bad guy. Limited mobility severely restricts athletic movement; movement that is important to maintain for peak fighting and fleeing ability.

Currently, I am carrying a Ruger LCR22 and a Sig P365x with a Wilson Combat grip module.

Both have served me well for years and tens of thousands of rounds. Both disappear on my body in all of my attire. Both allow me near 100% mobility in a deep carry configuration.


In 2023 the choice is easy. Get a Phlster Enigma. I strongly prefer the Express variant. If a variant isn’t offered for your gun… that’s a clue.


Here’s what I wear most days and what I’ve found to work best with the Enigma and Deep Carry:


Mean Gene makes some excellent traditional gun belts.


When I carry a spare mag, I use the NeoMag to stabilize it in a pocket. I usually DO NOT carry an extra magazine.

When I carry a wheelgun, I use these Speed Beez Speedloaders and moon clips. These are EXCELLENT for classes and competition.


38/357 J Frame

When I’m daily carrying the LCR22, I often have one of these in a front pocket:

Emergency Wound Care

We make hobbies out of high risk activities. Guns and knives will put holes in you, but think about daily accidents that can leave us dead if we don’t have access to emergency tools. Could you stop an arterial bleed on a loved one in a situation like a car or cycling accident? If you slipped on a wet log while hiking and were punctured by a protruding branch, would you have the tools to stop your bleeding long enough for help to arrive? I don’t typically carry this stuff on-body, but plenty do and I praise them for it. I have a set of these medical items in every car, range bag, and dad bag. Remember, these items are useless without the know-how and training to use them effectively. Get these and get out to a TCCC class to learn about their use.

First suggestion: Buy a D.A.R.K. from Dark Angel Medical. Get one of their recommended tourniquets to accompany. DONE.


Tourniquet: SOF T:



^Source these CAREFULLY^

Chest Seal

Israeli Dressing. This is likely smaller than the stack of credit cards in your pocket right now. Think of it as a big boy band-aid. Something to put over a deep laceration that will keep pressure on the wound for you. They are cheap, sealed and sterilized in a package that will stand up to pocket abuse for a good long time. I have one that has been beaten by my pockets for more than a year. These are less than $6 shipped. Nothing fancy. Its a gauze brick attached to a strip of fabric for a knot.

Celox Gauze. The big brother to ‘quick clot’. This is what is going to stop that bleeding from a laceration that can’t be addressed by a tourniquet. Shove this in a bleed 1 pinch at a time until the bleeding stops. Hold it in with that Israeli bandage you had it rubber banded to in your pocket or gym bag.

Celox Z-Fold Gauze (3in x 5ft (7.6cm x 1.5m))

Some medics I’ve talked to prefer untreated gauze. Opinions vary.

*With all the medical stuff; if you don’t have the training… don’t bother.