Rhett Neumayer
Senior Instructor/Owner Demonstrated Concepts LLC

In 2012, Rhett Neumayer created Demonstrated Concepts LLC to provide defensive training to Americans. Rhett teaches current best practice within the firearm training industry and maintains his skills and knowledge through annual continuing education with top tier instructors like Chuck Haggard, John Johnston, Scott Jedlinski, and Bill Blowers.  Rhett is a practitioner of Craig Douglas’ Shivworks coursework. He draws his content from lessons learned while working in armed protective services, as a bouncer, and from over a decade of training in BJJ, Combat Sambo, and weapons based grappling.

I took a class with Demonstrated Concepts this past weekend for defensive handgun draw and use and what can I say…
This was probably the best class I have ever had in handgun use! Rhett Neumayer was a great instructor who was not only very knowledgeable but was able to teach in a way that was easy to understand and very practical. Anyone who carries a CCW needs to take this class!”
-Jon Grimes, Firefighter
“I learned more in one day from studying with Rhett than I have in 5 years of tactical training on my own. If you’re looking for a way to quickly ramp up your self defense skills in real-world situations, then Rhett is your guy. Highly recommended.”
-Mark Sandoval, Entrepreneur and gun enthusiast
“I’ve had the opportunity to take several classes from Rhett. In all areas, Rhett has demonstrated extreme proficiency and attention to detail. He is a gifted instructor, able to break down detailed concepts and teach them to students in a logical, straightforward fashion. I’m a defensive pistol instructor and have taken numerous pistol, active shooter and self-defense training classes from truly exceptional instructors. Rhett remains my go-to instructor because of his passion for his craft and ability to teach that passion to all levels of students.”
-Cindy Stoudt, Firearms Instructor
“I was thoroughly impressed by Rhett’s martial skill, gun handling, and attitude. Rhett’s humility and candor is at a level only obtained by the constant testing and honing of skill and knowledge. Anyone who works with Rhett can expect him to put 100% into the mission and team. He’s is a pleasure to be around and offers humor and insight – even during stressful situations.”
– Jordan Nighbert, Firearms Instructor