Pistol: DDS

Fast, Precise, Repeatable draws win gunfights.

Learn to quickly, reliably, draw and shoot from an entangled fight and at distance.
Hone precision and speed with your defensive pistol.

Learn defensive firearm use, fight stopping technique, terminal ballistics and wounding from an instructor with 10yrs experience in defensive handgun instruction, dissecting/processing human tissue in a medical setting, and years more experience working as a bouncer and competitive shooting.

Personal Baseline

-Learn the limits of your current skills and push beyond them

-Know and improve upon the time it takes to draw and fire your pistol in common defensive scenarios


-Learn to draw a pistol to a variety of firing positions

-Learn to draw and shoot an attacker from the clinch

-Learn IFWA (In-Fight Weapon Access) concepts


Required Equipment

-50rounds minimum with potential to shoot 100 (high round count format available)

-Reliable Pistol

-30 rounds on body (2x 15rnd magazines, 5x 6rnd speed loaders)

-AIWB or Strong Side Holster (shoulder/cross draw, soft fabric, exposed trigger guard holsters are NOT ACCEPTABLE)

-Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing

-Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch)


-Understanding of firearms safety

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