Gun Groundwork

Assaults and muggings start with conversations at normal social distances. Attackers are commonly less than 2 steps away before danger is realized.

Paper target training utilized by traditional shooting schools is useless when working against an attacker at contact distance.

Martial arts based defenses are often just as bad, built on unrealistic assumptions about assault behavior and training in fantasy scenarios.

dsc_0459Gun groundwork breaks from the dogmatic approach of teaching armed defense in these environments.

Our content is designed around common criminal behavior and utilizes realistic defense practices. Gun Groundwork is structured to provide you effective and tested techniques to defeat a criminal assault. Its classroom is part gun range and part wrestling mat.

You will learn to detect predatory cues, control a violent event, and confront predatory behavior with escalating force.

Gun Groundwork is for the modern martial artist, the realistically prepared CCW permit holder, and the officer that knows annual weapons qualifications and POST training are not enough.

Range and Classwork:

  • Armed Grapple Skill Base

    • Learn the fundamental rules for surviving an assault
    • Learn to dominate and escape an assault through scenario work with others while utilizing simulated defense tools
    • Learn positional dominance and its importance in common assaults and muggings
  • Grappling Pistol Techniques

    • Learn to access your gun DURING an assault and use it while tangled with an aggressor
    • Learn how to retain and control your defense tools when an attacker is latched on to you
    • Learn effective firing techniques for the grappler
  • Testing Theory

    • Wonder how it would play out in real life? You will have your chance to play it out- incorporating controlled contact, striking, and simulated fire.
    • You will learn in an environment as close as possible to reality- down to the complex verbal interactions not covered by traditional shooting and martial arts schools

1 Day Lab

Required Equipment

  • 100rnds
  • Magazine fed pistol
  • 3 magazines
  • Holster: shoulder/cross draw rigs and soft body/nylon holsters are NOT acceptable
  • Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing
  • Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch)