Pistol: Gunfighting

Pistol: Gunfighting teaches effective methods for accessing, using, and retaining a pistol during a life threatening assault.


Learn defense practices that defeat common criminal assault strategies. Drill structured and tested techniques to defeat criminal assaults.

You will learn to detect predatory cues, control a violent event, and confront predatory behavior with escalating force.

Range and Classwork:

  • Armed Grapple Skill Base

    • Rules for surviving an assault
    • Force on force scenario work
    • Positional dominance continuum
  • Entangled Pistol Techniques

    • Drawing DURING the assault
    • Entangled/clinched shooting
    • Pistol retention techniques
  • Testing Theory

    • Wonder how it would play out in real life? How would you fare? You will have your chance to play it out- incorporating controlled contact, striking, and simulated fire.
    • You will learn in an environment as close as possible to reality- down to the complex verbal interactions not covered by traditional shooting and martial arts schools

1 Day Lab

Required Equipment

  • Carry Pistol
  • Holster: shoulder/cross draw rigs and soft body/nylon holsters are NOT acceptable
  • 50rnd
  • Ability to have 25 rnds carried in magazines or speed loaders
  • Protective gear: eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing
  • Food + Water (range location does not allow off-range lunch)