Less gas puff. Less mess. More fun.

*3.0 now offers better gas seal behind ejection port. The 3.0 almost entirely eliminates gas puff to the shooter’s face, even when shooting left handed and suppressed. Additionally, dimensions have been reworked allowing the use of an additional slot of picatinny  space in front of the 3.0.

The Catch 22 is a picatinny rail mounted ejection port shroud that redirects ejection port gasses away from the shooter and allows the use of a brass collecting bag on the Keltec CP33 pistol.

Catch 22 includes ejection port shroud and brass bag ONLY. This is a 3d printed part. Minor aesthetic imperfections may occur and will not effect the function of the device. Catch 22 is only intended for use on the CP33.



Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 42 × 2 in