Why I choose a 22 snub

Why do I carry a 22 snub revolver?

While the LCR22 has 160% capacity of a 38 snub, I feel the LCR22 is more than double the capability of the 38 or 357 snub as a fighting gun and defense tool.

While my best drill scores with the 22 are similar to the best scores from the 38, the lcr22 was a giant step up when comparing my worst runs across both guns.

This is highlighted even more when I compare my worst runs to my preferred semi auto. The recoilless DAO snub runs for me even when I’m screwing it all up.

And that’s really what we should look at.

How do we do on our worst day?

What setup mitigates the most commonly encountered problems best?

What gear allows the biggest lapses in our ability?

Because we aren’t betting our lives on our performance on our best days.

What gun do I want when I’m halfway beaten to death, concussed, broken and blinded?

…I may be in that condition at my first opportunity to access my gun.

I’m accused of being a freak of nature or ‘naturally gifted’ by people who try to paint the things I teach as something impossible for the average person. I’m quite the opposite and I am acutely aware of my ability to fuck-up very simple things. My carry gear and practices reflect this.

Choose a gun so small and light I have no excuse not to carry it.

Choose a carry method so concealed that to expose the gun would require removing my pants so I need not worry as much about a shirt riding up, a hug from a child, or bump grabs from a predator.

Choose a caliber so manageable that I can fire with a single injured hand with an incomplete grip in a dazed semi-conscious state.

Choose a gun so simple in operation as to not need to divide my training time among less likely scenarios like malfunction clearance drills.

If it is good in that losing fight, odds are good it will be just fine in better circumstances.

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