Who We Are

US population

50.5% women
34% over 50
37.9% of men are obese
41.1% of women are obese
26% of adults have a disability

44.7% of all make LESS than $30k annually

You may think you’re the dude on the right. -Genetically gifted, young, fit, rich and connected.

Most of us have more in common with the dude on the left (Ephialtes).

If you ARE the dude on the right, you should understand that the majority of people aren’t you and recognize the gear you use is ridiculous for others that are not Spartan kings like yourselves.

If you are closer to the dude on the left you should give up the cringeworthy and phony warrior-king persona and live the life you are capable of. Adopt gear that best suits your reality/mission/capabilities.

Don’t train because you want to feel like a Spartan. Train because you take responsibility for the safety of your loved ones and yourself. That is SO much more badass.

Don’t carry a shield you can’t lift, or a gun you can’t afford to shoot often, or one you can’t carry always, or one you can’t run single handed while injured.

Also- I’m really against the romanticized Spartan/mOLAn lAaBE/sheepdog/gun stickers on my everything nonsense that is so widespread in the ‘defense community’.

Don’t be the phony on the left pretending to be a Spartan. Don’t be the jerk on the right telling others they can’t defend themselves unless they carry X.

2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hello it’s Randy.
    I’m a big Fan of your Cheek Pistol teachings, who needs and Arm Brace.
    You are spreading wisdom to an insane world.
    We must work hard every day not to go insane ourselves,
    or our Loved ones lives and memories will be lost.
    If you can’t control the nuts, then stand back and let them roll over each other.
    Mental health should be our number 1 concern for all.
    Now I’m going to piss you off a little.
    I post two types of signs.
    One sign says, “Smile your on Camera”.
    The other sign I post around is like a “WANTED” poster,
    original artwork, original idea; shows a cartoon picture of several BAD guys;
    and the sign states; “WE SHOOT BAD GUYS IN THE DICK,
    because President Biden wants fewer people shot above the belt.
    Marksmanship training provided by US ARMY, out to 1800 yards”.
    In my life of 70+ years of interactions in the USA, most bad guys have been Liberals,
    and from my view of life, most Liberals are Insane.
    I assume all men and boys fear such injury, not just Liberals.
    The political background of bad guys, needs to be posted in the News
    along with their Life history.
    For an Old fat guy that’s enough ranting.
    Thank you, Randy

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